Surveying general

  • situational - height measurements
    • update essential maps for design purposes in digital form
    • update essential maps for design purposes in analog form
    • spatial models of the terrain
    • numerical cartographic studies
  • realisation measurements
    • staking out of alignment and surface
    • staking of public utilities
  • stocktaking measurements
    • linear and surface stocktaking measurements

Engineering - industrial surveying

  • surveying services investment
    • road and railway construction
    • construction of engineering structures
    • budownictwa kubaturowego
  • engineering measurements
    • study movements, subsidence, deformation and verticality of industrial facilities
    • inventory surveys and inspection of track crane
    • measurements of soil mass, development of measurement results and their balance
    • measurements of cross sections and profiles of longitudinal and transverse linear and engineering
    • measurements and create a Digital Terrain Model

Digital maps

  • creation of digital maps
    • Autocad and Microstation environment
  • development of digital cartographic
  • numerical design of linear and surface

Surveying furnishing - agricultural, records of land, buildings and premises

  • examination of the legal status of property
  • preparing documentation for legal purposes
  • regulation of the legal status
    • property demarcation
    • property divisions
    • property merge
    • property boundaries resumption

Comprehensive service of investment

  • preparatory work
    • preparation of documentation to obtain WZZiT and building permits
    • planning studies related to the creation of local development plans and the study of conditions and directions of development
    • professional preparation of all documents
    • obtain information, data necessary for the investment location
    • design, construction - architectural work
  • organization of the investment process
    • preparation of documentation realization
    • assistance participants in the executive process
    • organization of hardware - material facilities
  • supervision and control of the investment process
  • final acceptance of investments
    • preparation of accepting documentation
    • assistance in obtaining any arrangement, permits the use of

Design, architecture, city planning, construction

  • preparation of project documentation
    • land development project
    • architectural - construction project
  • development planning
    • for the local development plan
    • for the study of conditions and directions of spatial